Tunnels also known as flesh tunnels are among the most popular kinds of large gauge jewelry made precisely for stretched earlobes. Along with ear plugs, these jewelry decorations are astonishing when it comes to stretched earlobe piercings. In regards to choosing the correct size of tunnel earrings, you must select the ear piercing tunnels that is the same size as your gauge. This means the diameter of the hole in your earlobes needs to be the same as the diameter of the tunnel earrings. If you do not have anything to compare your stretched earlobes to then you can purchase affordable tapers to help. On the other hand, you can always visit a professional piercer and have them measure your stretched earlobes to get an exact size.


Variety of Stylish Ear Piercing Tunnels

After you have found out the size of piercing you need for your stretched earlobes the fun begins with shopping for tunnel earrings. If you want quality, affordable and a variety of stylish ear piercing tunnels to choose from then you shop online from a reputable online body jewelry store such as BodyJewelry.com. The ear piercing tunnels they offer are made to fit comfortable even for long-term wear and in most cases are light so they are not a bother no matter how large your earlobes are stretched. With a wide-range of sizes available in ear piercing tunnels you can feel confident you will find your accurate size. From gold-plated tribal filigree to rose gold crystal rim tunnels to glow in the dark flexible tunnels and more, there is something for everybody.


In Conclusion

BodyJewelry.com is a well-established online body jewelry store that carries quality jewelry of many styles, designs, and of the latest trends. You will quickly find yourself coming back again and again after you have made your first purchase.