Summer is the season of warm weather, sexy clothing and days spent at the beach and around the house just enjoying yourself. To add that extra touch of dazzle and pizzazz if you have a belly button piercing having several different styles of belly rings to suit your mood is a great idea.


The wonderful thing about belly rings is that they come in all different styles, designs and colors and also in all different price ranges. You can choose from relatively inexpensive acrylic designs and styles to durable and safe surgical stainless steel and titanium designs. Moving up the price ladder you can then go to solid 14k or higher gold rings and then, for those really special events, the diamond belly rings that are truly amazing.
Something Different


If you aren’t going in the water then you may want to consider one of the latest trends in belly rings. Beautifully shaped and designed rings that use actual feathers, usually peacock or dyed natural features, are definitely unique. They are light, move with the breeze, and give you that exotic look.


For a great added combination look for feather belly rings that have accents of gems, chains or filigree work not only draws attention but also offers a very Eastern style of design.


Horn and bone designs of body jewelry are a great addition to your summer wardrobe. Often in natural colors such as black and white these are durable yet very attractive and can be worn day and evening.
Something Fun


Dangling belly rings in unique styles or in whimsical fun styles are great for a day on the beach. You can choose from flowers to geometric shapes, dazzling cascading gemstones to logos, shapes with jewel accents or even designs that are definitely beach or summer themed.


If you are going into the water consider titanium options in belly rings as they are very corrosion resistance, even in salt water. They will also be less likely to react with sun tanning products and lotions so they won’t discolor with use. In addition titanium is about 60% lighter than stainless steel so you can choose a much larger design and still wear it with comfort all day long.


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