Have you ever seen someone with an awesome piercing and you thought to yourself wow that would great on me. Well not all of us are up for the body piercing plunge and some may not even be old enough for a body piercing. That is where non piercing body jewelry comes in to play. If you want the look of stretched ears, tongue piercing, lip ring, nipple ring or much more you can achieve that look with non-piercing body jewelry. Whether you are trying achieve a certain look just for one night or if you are giving a new potential piercing a trial run why not order some non piercing body jewelry? Another great way to adorn your midsection without a body piercing is a beautiful belly chain. has an extensive collection of belly chains and back belly chains. A great beach and pool accessory for non piercing is the belly chain, with an assortment to choose from as well as our officially licensed playboy belly chains you will be sure to impress those around you.  Many men and women like to adorn their nipples with jewelry as well nipple chains and nipple clips are a great way to add accessories to your nipples without the pain. So the next time you want to accessorize with the look of having a piercing and may not be able to get pierced try out a new non piercing piece of body jewelry, you wont be disappointed.