Medusa piercing is a comparatively newer piercing trend that has hit the scene. It’s quickly becoming one of the most-requested piercing styles out there, especially among youngsters who are looking for a unique way to express their fun personalities. Here is everything you need to know about it.

What is Medusa Piercing?

This medusa piercing, or philtrum piercing, is located just below the base of your nose and right above the lip where the Cupid’s bow is. It can take on a sleek and subtle look with a simple lip stud.

However, those who like to take it one step ahead pair it with other piercing styles, such as a labret piercing, to create an eye-catching pair of lip jewelry.

Does the Medusa Piercing Hurt?

Our lips and the area around them have plenty of nerve endings so if you’re getting a medusa piercing, you should expect some level of pain during the process. However, an expert piercing technician will complete the piercing in one quick motion and you will feel the pinch for just a few seconds followed by some throbbing.

During the next few days, you will experience some pain and even swelling, but it’s normal and can occur with any type of piercing. Continued or increasing pain only occurs in rare cases. It’s best to consult a doctor if you notice any such symptoms or experience pus or other excretions.

Medusa Piercing Aftercare

The medusa piercing can take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks to fully heal. Good aftercare can help speed up the healing process and keep the piercing problem-free.

You have to clean the piercing at least twice a day using a cotton swab soaked in saltwater. Other than that, keep the piercing and the area around it completely dry and avoid touching it. Twisting or tugging the jewelry can irritate your piercing that is already in the process of healing.

Avoid applying anything on the lips for a few days, including lip colors, lip balm, or petroleum jelly. Take special care when you’re eating or drinking. Oral hygiene is also very important. Brush your teeth regularly but be careful when you’re brushing near the pierced area.

Do not smoke or consume alcohol during the first few days of getting the piercing. Harsh chemicals can seep into the wound, damaging it and disrupting the healing process.

To Sum Up

Medusa piercing and its variations can look really impressive and help you create a style statement of your own. You can choose from a variety of jewelry to adorn your piercing with. With little care and precautions, medusa piercing can heal without any trouble.