Dumbo Sportin Some Rad Plugs!

Body piercing may seem pretty serious, considering it does deal with the body. And for those who love piercings, most will attest to the fact that it can be quite easy to develop an obsession with body jewelry! But we can’t take ourselves too seriously all the time. So, here is a little light-hearted humor, intended to make you smile, and love your piercings that much more! For instance, look at that smile on Dumbo’s face. If you have plugs like those, your eyes would twinkle too!

Who Are You To Judge???

This cartoon is a pretty funny little ditty, by cartoonist Leigh Rubin. To each his own, right? Pierced septums and nipple rings are delightful!

This image is just chock full of symbolism, and sweetness. According to legend, Buddha actually had stretched ears. Before he became Buddha, Siddhartha was a wealthy prince, and according to custom he wore a heavy amount of pure gold in the form of earrings. They were so heavy that they stretched his ears to a degree that was not going to retract. If he existed today, I wonder if he would choose stylish star ear plugs like these depicted… I’m thinking he’d have a penchant for the horn and bone varieties, though. Nonetheless, he seems to be a very happy Buddha indeed with those fine gauges!

Stretch That Lip!

And what do you do with you stretch lips, other than look cool? You use them to multi-task, of course! And, if you’re not fit with pockets on your clothes, you’ve got a snazzy place to hold objects, such as this lighter. Besides, even if you do have pockets, and you plan on using the item frequently, a handy little holder works great! This pic also makes me wonder what he might be able to store in those rather large plugs of his as well…

Stick Out That Pierced Tongue and Have a Laugh!

So, remember kids, don’t get so caught up on all the serious stuff that you forget to laugh every now and then. Have a great weekend, and happy piercing!