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When it comes to facial piercing and body piercings for the modern gentleman, we have the insider scoop on trending styles that have the ladies swoon. With the return of manly men in well groomed beards and rugged styles, it’s no wonder gauged ears and heavier styles of body jewelry have made a masculine come back.
Let’s explore classic trends with an edgy twist that has the gentleman of the modern world leading in style.


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Gauge it Out


Many cultures throughout time have had the ancient practice of gently stretching an ear lobe piercing over a period of time as a part of cultural tradition. In our modern culture, this tradition has survived the test of time, especially in the male fashion trend.


Taking the time to start at a 16 or 14 gauge piercing diameter and allowing the lobes to fully heal between size transitions can ensure that the lobes remain supple and free of permanent damage or disfiguration. Once the desired gauge is reached, the options for body jewelry to occupy the space is almost as unlimited as having dozens of pairs of sneakers.

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Oh Man, Those Pecs


Any gentleman knows that the ladies love pecs. They also happen to love a little surprise beneath those gladiator muscles, as in sensually pierced nipples. We love this piercing for the modern gentleman since it is so unsuspecting yet has a huge impact on adorning the modern Adonis. A simple curved barbell is enough to drive any crowd to intense desire for their viewing and touching pleasure.

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Gentlemen Speak Softly


Traditionally, when we think of soft supple lips, we think in terms of ladies’ wellness. But just how often is the tenderness of a man’s lips mentioned throughout history in love stories, sonnets and of course, those steamy books at the grocery store? (It’s okay, we know how addicting those novels are…)


A lip piercing work so well on the modern gentleman seeking a classic masculine facial piercing. With a matte black horseshoe barbell, it’s minimal effort and maximum impact that brings attention to the male feature women tend to dream about most.

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Join the League


We’ve made some suggestions to style you with the looks from this article below. If you are sans piercings at the moment, there are many non piercing varieties (magnetic, pressure gauges,etc) to try the look that compliments the male swagger you desire. When you are ready, join the league of extraordinarily pierced gentleman by finding a qualified body piercer in your area that can help you achieve these styles. Once you do, be sure to send us some pictures and show us how you rock your look. You might even be featured on our next blog.

The key for any gentleman to rock his style with whichever piercing is to always be himself. What makes any man an instant heartthrob is how he wears his style: with utter confidence and swagger.


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