Nose rings, belly rings, lip rings and other type of popular body jewelry choices are taking a back seat for many piercing aficionados. A new piercing trend is immerging and can actually be quite dangerous. Brain piercing is a new type of body modification and decoration.  Brain piercing is reserved for die-hard piercing fans and extreme body modifiers! Piercing your brain can cause normal body functions to longer work and may even result in death!

Brain piercing is done by making two holes in the human skull which a gold or silver ring passes. The process creates pressure on the brain’s tissue and is said to create a sense of euphoria, quite similar to a drug induced high. The euphoric sensation is attributed to the ring pressing against the brain tissue .The spot that is to be pierced is shaved down and then punctured with a drill, leaving two holes in the skull where a bended needle pulls the ring through. The piercing is said to not cause any discomfort once healed, but the entire process is extremely risky and expensive. Brain piercing is said to be extremely painful and is usually done by administering Anesthesia. Only two specialists in the world are equipped to do this dangerous procedure! Would you take the risk on this bizarre piercing?