Aside from belly rings and nostril piercings, lip piercings are another uber-famous ‘90s piercing that has squeezed its way into today’s mainstream fashion. When picturing a lip piercing, you may instantly imagine a captive bead ring that is placed in the left, right, or center of the lower lip. However, lip piercing is so much more than that!

The flat surface of the lips along with the skin surrounding it makes for a great opportunity for you to pierce your lip anywhere. While there are endless exciting possibilities for lip piercings, this freedom of choice has its fair share of struggles. The main struggle being: how to choosing the perfect lip piercing according to your face.

Without further ado, let’s jump in and see everything you need to know about lip piercings.

Healing Process

You should be well-aware of the healing times when getting a new piercing as it will affect your daily life. It typically takes around 6 to 8 weeks for a lip piercing to heal. However, certain lip piercing styles such as the Madonna piercing can take longer.

Lip Piercing Aftercare Practices

Aftercare practices are important if you want your piercing to heal smoothly. Since lip piercings are quite sensitive, you need to take extra care when it comes to keeping the area clean. The human mouth is full of bacteria that can make your piercing more vulnerable to infection than other piercings.

Also, you will need to take extra care when eating food. For instance, you will have to keep food away from the newly pierced site. Moreover, as you’re in the process of getting used to the jewelry, you will need to be careful not to chomp on your piercing jewelry as it can break your teeth. You will also need to keep your piercing area dry most of the time, and avoid consuming alcohol and smoking.

Labret Piercing

Located in the center of the bottom lip, the labret piercing looks fantastic! Even though it is considered as a lip piercing, the piercing occurs on the skin below the lip. A labret piercing can be adorned with lip studs, hoops, and even circular barbells. With a healing time of around 6 to 8 weeks, a labret piercing only causes mild discomfort.

Monroe Piercing

Inspired by the mole on the upper left portion of her lip, the Monroe piercing is a great piercing option. Just like the labret piercing, the Monroe piercing doesn’t puncture the lip, but only the skin above the lip. This piercing looks great when adorned with a stud with a flat disc back. Since the nerve endings in this area are sensitive, you will feel mild pain. The average healing time of a Monroe piercing is 6 to 12 weeks.

Dahlia Piercing

The Dahlia piercing includes two piercings located on the crease of either side of the mouth. Despite the dark inspiration behind this piercing, you can adorn this piercing with simple lip studs to amp your smile and pull attention towards your lip. This piercing heals within 12 to 20 weeks.

A few other popular lip piercings include the angel bites piercing, dolphin bites piercing, snake bites piercing, shark bites piercing, vertical labret piercing, and jestrum piercing. Regardless of what piercing style you choose, lip piercings always look chic!