Several piercing on different body parts look cool to today’s younger generation. Several universities, institutes, hangout areas, & malls are surrounded by the youngsters, who have their own style with a difference, but one thing, which is common, is the piercing. Boys and girls adorning trendy & spunky body jewelry is the common sight at such places. These trendy jewelries like nose rings, toe rings. Lip rings, eyebrow rings, nipple rings or navel rings are much experimented to do something trendy. So, going by the trend, below are some great innovations for those of you, who also want to join the gang of trendy youngsters around the world.

Nose Rings – Elegance to Spunkiness

Where a girl gets the elegant look by wearing a ring or stud in the nose, boys get to add a spunky look. There are countless designs of such rings & studs available in the market. The availability in myriad of colors, designs, styles and make is also one of the reasons of their popularity.

Toe Rings

Be it girls or boys, their toes are styled with beautiful, stylish & colorful rings these rings are accessorized with trendy flip-flops is in great trend. For those of you, who love to roam around with fashion in their feet can simply go with it & flaunt the trend. These toe rings are available in different patterns, some are engraved with studs or colorful stones, and some have cool & hip-hop kind of designs. To highlight the beauty of toe rings, you even go for pedicure that would make your feet look good & rings would work as cherry on the cake.

Lip Rings: Sensually Attractive

The lips are not only meant for smiling & kissing, these have the equal right of being adorn, this is what today generation has to say. The trendy rings, hoops, studs in enormous designs & patterns can be availed from the retail shops or some online body jewelry store. From different designs to price range, everything is available to suit the requirements.

Not only these, there are other body jewelries like eyebrow rings, belly buttons, navel rings, nipple rings, etc. that can be equally experimented with. Their availability at reasonable price will further allow you to change them everyday like you do with clothes. So, these can be experimented by mix matching with the clothes as well.