There are certain piercings that are specifically known for accentuating beauty marks and facial features. So, it isn’t surprising that both men and women love getting them.

While there is a myriad of places on your face to get a piercing, here are the most popular facial piercings you should know about.

1. Nostril Piercings

Nostril piercings are by far one of the most popular piercings. The best part about this piercing type is that it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Dainty pins offer a classic everyday look while nose rings give a much edgier vibe.

2. Septum Piercings

Septum piercings are another popular option and are best worn with a clicker or hoop to center the face. Septum piercings are slightly less painful than nostril piercings as they go through a thin part of cartilage. These piercings can be adorned with large jewelry for a more eye-catching look, while smaller jewelry is the better choice for a subtle everyday appearance. Retainers are another common choice for formal occasions.

3. Helix Piercings

Cartilage piercings have become quite popular as they are work-friendly. This is mainly because they are less prominent. A helix piercing wraps the outer part of the ear with one end outside the ear, and the other end on the inside. Circular barbells and rings are common jewelry choices for this piercing as they tend to accentuate it.

4. Daith Piercings

A Daith piercing includes a perforation made on the cartilage ridge located right about the entrance of the ear canal. This piercing is one of the most unique facial piercings mainly due to its location. The best way to decorate this piercing is to wear ring jewelry that highlights the curve of the ear.

5. Tongue Piercings

A tongue piercing is another popular facial piercing, which is often seen as a mark of sexuality. Even though this piercing requires proper aftercare, it offers various new and exciting possibilities. Straight barbells are the best jewelry choice for tongue piercings, but you can also explore other options such as tongue rings.

6. Lip Piercings

Around 4% of women get at least one lip piercing. With your lips being one of the most prominent features on your face, you have many options of getting them pierced. A side lip piercing is the most popular lip piercing as it doesn’t cause any problems and looks great with a ring! Snakebites piercing is another common lip piercing that adopts a more symmetrical approach by giving you the opportunity to pierce both sides of your lip. A snakebite piercing looks best with labret jewelry or rings.

7. Eyebrow Piercings

An eyebrow piercing is a unique facial piercing that looks great, especially if you want to stand out from the crowd. Since it is a surface piercing, there is a high risk of rejection or migration compared to other piercings. While curved barbells are a popular jewelry type for this piercing, rings and circular barbells can also be used to adorn your eyebrows.

Now that you know about the most popular facial piercings, it’s time to take your pick! While some of these piercings accentuate your facial features, others are known for their functionality. All in all, they are all great choices if you’re looking to try something new.