Ear piercings have been around since forever. One of the best parts about getting ear piercings is that there a variety of options available. It’s crucial to consider that different ear piercings come with different pain levels, aftercare and even healing times. So, before you get one, make sure that you do your research. This will give you an idea about exactly what piercing you want and where you want it!

Here are a few ear piercings that are bound to draw attention.

1. Standard Earlobe Piercing

The standard earlobe piercing is the easiest and most common piercing you can get! It’s probably the first piercing people, especially women, get as a child or teenager. The earlobe is fairly softer as compared to other parts of the ear, making it one the least-painful piercings. The healing time of a standard earlobe piercing is around six weeks. This piercing has the quickest healing time as compared to other piercings.

Not only does it look simple and elegant, but it can also be adorned with some great accessories, ranging from diamond studs to hoops and even statement earrings.

2. Auricle Piercing

The piercing done in the middle of the outer rim of the ear is referred to as an auricle piercing. Out of all the types of ear piercings you can get, this can be the most painful. It’s mainly because the auricle is laden with hundreds of nerves. If any of those nerves are punctured during the piercing, it can be extremely painful.

Regardless of the risk, auricle piercings look amazing. Be sure to accessorize it with silver rings to make heads turn wherever you go!

3. Cartilage Piercing

If a standard earlobe piercing isn’t satisfying enough, up to your game with a great cartilage piercing! This piercing choice is famous amongst not only women but also men. Even though the cartilage is a little harder than the lobe, this piercing isn’t very painful initially. However,  you can expect to experience discomfort and pain in intervals within the first two weeks after getting it done.

4. Helix Piercing

If you feel like you’re the rebellious kind, then this piercing is the one for you! The helix piercing has been around for almost two or three decades. It is done in the upper ear or helix and typically adorned with a silver metal ring. It’s widely associated with societal rebels such as outcast teenagers whose bodies are a canvas for tattoos. This piercing truly screams ‘rockstar’ or ‘metal head’ the second you lay your eyes on it. This piercing is usually done using a piercing gun and can be very painful.

5. Tragus Piercing

The tragus piercing is probably the least popular one of all the ear piercings. It’s infamous mainly because it’s highly susceptible to infections and irritation. The tragus is the outer part of the ear that is located towards the inner part of your face. Even though this piercing is painful, it will be totally worth it if you adorn it with a pair of beautiful gems.


Like the rest of your body, your ear can become your canvas where you can display your style and creativity. With so many options in front of you, make sure to choose the best ear piercing!