Steph Simpson

Although piercings have been for many centuries, and are still, a part of many country’s traditions and cultural customs, nowadays the main reason why you’re likely to consider getting a piercing is for it to act as a fashion accessory, to basically make you look better and enhance your appearance. Piercings are, of course, a great way of expressing yourself and making a statement, but even so, you still want to look and feel great in the process. When we’re asked to think of common piercings, we tend to picture the earlobes, the eyebrows, and belly button piercings etc – ones which are common and have been tried and tested for many years now. Some celebrities however, have taken things to the extreme and have gone a little too far with their piercings, and have paid the price as a result. When people become celebrities, they’re in the public eye a great deal of the time, and are constantly under scrutiny as a result. Whilst it is perhaps, unfair to mock a person’s appearance, some of these celebrity piercing disasters simply cannot be ignored. Here we’ll be looking at a few instances where celebrities have perhaps gotten a little carried away and overzealous with their piercings, and truthfully, have made themselves look pretty foolish in the process.

Justin Bieber – When we talk about celebrity disasters, it seems as if Justin Bieber just cannot escape the scrutiny of the media, and he certain doesn’t like to make things easy for himself. When he isn’t busy spitting on his fans from hotel balconies, going on racist rants, and allegedly spending the night with call girls, it seems as if Justin Bieber also likes to have pretty ridiculous looking piercings in the process. A few years back, Justin was pictured with not one earlobe, but both earlobes pierced, wearing sparkly diamond studs in the process. This led to a great deal of speculation about his sexuality, but more importantly than that, it also made him look pretty foolish as the look certainly did not suit him in the slightest.

Christina Aguilera – During her attention-seeking “outrageous” spell a few years back, Christina Aguilera has virtually every part of her body pierced. Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration but she did have her tongue, belly button, eyebrows, lip, nipple, and labia pierced. Whilst not all of those piercings were visible, many of the ones that were, were considered to be a little over the top and overkill. She’s more conservative nowadays as she grows older, but even so, just remember that, in the case of piercings, less isn’t always more.

Scarlet Johansson – Scarlet Johansson also received a great deal of criticism for a piercing not too long ago, as she pierced her, or rather had pierced, her septum, which the media pounced all over, making some pretty cruel remarks and comments it has to be said.

Miley Cyrus – Miley Cyrus is another celebrity who just so happens to have gone through a pretty wild transitional stage over the last few years, becoming more raunchier and wild than ever before. It was her lip piercing that grabs a great deal of the headlines as it was pretty wild and out there it has to be said. That lip piercing however, turned out to be the tip of the iceberg as she currently has more piercings than ever before. Some of them are pretty stylish and attractive it has to be said, especially her helix piercings being connected via a chain in her ears. She recently came under fire from anti-drug protestors and demonstrators however, due to the fact that she opted to wear a green jewel in her belly button piercing. What does this have to do with drugs? Well, it just so happened that jewel was designed in the shape of a cannabis leaf. Some people actually loved that piercing, though others accused her of glorifying drugs and drug use.

Pete Doherty – We all know how wild and outrageous Pete Doherty is, and his struggles with illegal substances and drug use are sadly well documented. However, this isn’t about to turn into a debate about drug use and poor life choices as we’re here to talk about piercings, so let’s talk piercings, or more specifically, bad piercings. Pete Doherty, when he was with his model girlfriend Kate Moss, actually surprised her with a huge piercing directly through his penis. Ouch! Needless to say, it didn’t go down too well.