Piercings are one of the most popular types of body modifications that can transform your appearance. While there’s a variety of facial and body piercings you can get, sometimes, you just have to face the reality that a certain piercing just isn’t for you.

Maybe you got a piercing spontaneously during your youth or you are trying to get a piercing to stick, but your body keeps rejecting it. The point is, there no shame in reconsidering whether a piercing is suitable for you or not.

Whether new or old, you will start noticing the signs when it’s time to bid farewell to a piercing. So, without further ado, here are a few reasons to get rid of a piercing.

1. Your Piercing Just Won’t Stick

We’re sure many of you have experienced this: getting a certain area pierced a number of times, but it just won’t stick. Every time you get that area pierced, you face certain complications with it.

Well, a bunch of factors plays a role in the healing process of a piercing, such as piercing aftercare, the skills of the piercing professional, your body’s healing ability, etc. So, if you experience any complications with your piercing due to improper aftercare, your piercer will probably ask you to get rid of your piercing for the time being and try again later. However, if you still experience complications after the second or third try, it may be time to give up on that piercing completely.

2. Your Lifestyle Doesn’t Support it

There is a high chance that your lifestyle doesn’t support the piercing that you want so badly. You might be unintentionally hurting your piercing during the healing process because of your habits, such as sleeping on it, without even realizing it. In such cases, your body will never be able to cope up with the piercing. If you are experiencing issues even after multiple tries, you may want to try getting a piercing at a new location.

3. YourPiercing Feels Uncomfortable

Piercing trends and styles have evolved during the years. You may have gotten a piercing a few years ago that might not be as trendy today. In such cases, it’s natural to feel a little uncomfortable with your piercing, even if you adored it before. This doesn’t mean that you should only get piercings that are in fashion; if you are still comfortable with your piercing, you should continue to rock it!

However, if you like adhering to current trends and feel a lack of excitement when you see your piercing, this may be a great time to get rid of your piercing and opt for a hot new one!

4. Your Piercing Is Getting In the Way

The location of your piercing and your daily activities might clash with each other, posing an annoying hindrance. For instance, you may have an eyebrow piercing that gets disturbed because you have to wear helmets very often.

Even if you took out time to evaluate whether the placement of your piercing will suit you or not, you won’t really know how it will impact your daily life until you get one. Even though most times you can get adjust to the jewelry, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Don’t let your body become an annoyance for you. Instead, choose a piercing that won’t get in the way.

5. Your Piercing Is Causing Health Issues

Certain piercings, especially oral ones, can cause health issues such as receding gum lines or enamel wear. Also, other piercings such as tongue and check ones can also cause problems when piercing incorrectly. If your piercing causes any sort of health issue, you should get rid of it ASAP!

If you witness any of the above reasons to get rid of a piercing, you should go ahead with it! With the abundance of piercings out there, there’s always a new one to explore!