Many people wish to get facial or body piercings, but the thought of a needle puncturing their skin holds them back. Getting a new piercing is painful and requires a lot of effort in terms of aftercare. Everyone has a different level of pain tolerance, while some people experience a fear of needles piercing through their sensitive areas. Therefore, you should learn about the amount of pain that comes with a new piercing before getting it on your body.

5 Most Painful Piercings

We have curated a list of the most painful piercings for you to decide whether you should go for them or not. The piercings are listed from the least to most painful ones.

Standard Ear Lobe / Upper Lobe Piercing

A standard ear lobe piercing is the least painful piercing among the rest. You will notice many toddlers and girls carrying an ear lobe piercing without experiencing any pain or discomfort. Many people love to add an upper lobe piercing to complement this ear piercing as it does not cause much pain. Moreover, these two piercings require a few weeks to 1 month at maximum to heal completely.

Mid-Way Helix Piercing

A mid-way helix piercing is one of the least common ear piercings; however, it causes a small amount of pain while getting it done. You can avoid the pain and discomfort during its healing process by taking good care of your mid-way helix piercing. It may require a few months to heal.

Nose Piercing

If you already have multiple facial or body piercings, getting a nose piercing won’t be that painful for you. However, if it is one of your first or second piercings, you may find it very painful at first. Its pain depends on your piercer and the jewelry you choose to wear initially. Twisting or playing with your nose-piercing jewelry will delay its healing process and may damage your skin around it.

Tongue Piercing

Tongue piercing may seem like a regular piercing at first; however, it comes with a lot of pain and discomfort. Your tongue comprises several arteries that may come in the way. Moreover, the piercing equipment can potentially damage your gums, making it difficult for you to eat or drink. Therefore, be sure you consider a professional piercer for your tongue piercing as it is relatively tricky to pierce your tongue than any other piercing.

Belly Button Piercing

Many people wish to flaunt their abs with a belly button piercing. It may not feel as painful to some people; however, it can lead to severe pain, discomfort, and bleeding. Also, your jewelry can potentially get stuck on your clothing or other accessories such as a watch, bracelet, or ring on your finger. These risks can further delay your healing process; hence, you need to stay extra vigilant while getting a belly button piercing.

If you are afraid of getting one of the most painful piercings, you can reduce the pain level by seeking a well-experienced, professional piercer who knows how to do the job seamlessly. Also, it is best to consider wearing high-quality pieces of jewelry in the beginning to avoid the risk of delaying your healing process. Body Jewelry has a wide range of safe jewelry for your body piercings on sensitive areas. So, get your hands on your favorite body jewelry before it gets sold out!