Steph Simpson

When we think of piercings, nine times out of ten, the first images that immediately spring to mind are of pierced ears, or more specifically, pierced ear lobes. Ear piercings have been around for literally hundreds of years, and in many countries were, and still are, a distinct part of their ancient cultural traditions. In the modern world however, pierced ears weren’t so much used for cultural purposes, as they were for fashion accessories. Whilst pierced earlobes still look classy, attractive, cool, fashionable, and desirable, many people tend to overlook the rest of their ears in favor of their lobes, which in many keen piercing enthusiasts’ eyes, is a real shame. The entire ear is basically a blank canvas when it comes to piercings, and if you select not only the right location, but also the right jewelry as well, you can achieve fantastic results that will help you stand out from the crowds and give your ears an amazing look in the process. If you’re thinking of taking on a new ear piercing but aren’t quite sure where to have pierced, or which jewelry to use, take a look at these 4 uncommon ear piercing ideas to try and see if they inspire you to head to your nearest piercing expert.

A helix piercing – In terms of popular and stylish ear piercing ideas, you simply cannot go wrong with a helix piercing. The helix provides you with a great deal of space so you can select unique jewelry far from adventurous than a standard stud or ring, allowing you to select a variety of different and unique earrings and pieces of ear jewelry. The helix, which is located near the top of the ear, (think of your ear as a clock face, the helix would be 2 o clock) is also ideal because it is much tougher and so it not only heals quicker, the piercing itself is also much less painful. Most people tend to go with one singular earring or piece of ear jewelry with this piercing, as it is very noticeable and so you want it to be eye catching. For people looking to make a real statement with their earring jewelry, some popular ideas include: gold or silver arrows, metal rings, brightly colored studs, or perhaps even a dream catcher.

Helix 1

Industrial piercings – Industrial piercings are perhaps a little more dramatic and eye catching than a helix piercing, though again, with the right piece of jewelry it will allow you to really make a statement and really turn some heads. The best way to describe the industrial piercing would be to think of it as an extension of the helix piercing mentioned previously. Whereas a helix piercing is just one hole, an industrial piercing is two, as it goes from one corner of the ear to the other (again, think of a clock face and imagine a line from 11 o clock to just above 3 o clock). Each hole is made from opposite ends of your helix which is purposefully designed to allow you to use extended pieces of jewelry. Due to the shape and size, the most common industrial piercing pieces of jewelry are things like arrows or bars, which may be decorated with things like hearts, jewels, patterns and swirls etc. You can however, go with things like lightning bolts, or even tree branches. Some industrial piercings can even be from the top of the ear to the bottom.


Daith piercings – Daith piercings run through your ear’s inner cartilage fold which is the one closest to your head, making it very comfortable to wear because the jewelry can actually sit snugly inside your ear’s conch area. Some popular suggestions for jewelry include studded rings, bead rings and hearts, or perhaps even a single ring by itself. For people looking to make a statement without appearing too rebellious, a daith piercing is perfect.


Tragus piercings – As far as popular and unique ear piercings go, the tragus piercing is up there with the best examples of some of the most popular piercings available. The tragus is located in a very similar location to where daith piercings would be, except slightly lower. There are many different designs for people to choose from, with popular tragus piercing ideas including: studs, bead rings, or earrings with unique shapes, like feathers, swords, or hearts perhaps?