Tongue piercings are the fad these days and they look extremely cool. If you’re looking for a great way to attract attention, then there’s probably no better way than getting an uber-cool tongue piercing.

However, before you get a super-attractive tongue piercing, you need to consider a few things. Here is everything you need to know about tongue piercings before you get one.

1)   Different Types of Tongue Piercings

The first thing to know about tongue piercings is that there are two main types – midline tongue piercing and side tongue piercing. The midline tongue piercing is located right at the center of your tongue, while the side tongue piercing is usually located towards the left or the right of the center.

More people opt for the midline tongue piercing as compared to the other option. However, many people are unable to get this type of piercing as they entirely depend on the location of the veins in your tongue. Also, midline piercings can be pretty difficult or even impossible at times if you have a short tongue.

2)   Pain After a Tongue Piercing

Due to the fleshy nature of the tongue, it might seem like it would be extremely painful to get a tongue piercing. However, many people have reported that they experience very low piercing pain.

The pain you’ll experience also depends on the overall skill of the piercer. If they’re relatively experienced, then you’ll only feel a pinch as the procedure is done very quickly. However, you can expect to experience real pain a few days immediately afterward.

Since your tongue is an integral part of your daily life, it won’t get the rest that it requires which can cause swelling. The good news is that your tongue heals pretty quickly, so the healing process won’t take too long!

3)   Aftercare of a Tongue Piercing

Once you leave the piercing studio, you have to take care of your piercing. Due to the high sensitivity of the tongue, it can easily be infected. The piercer usually sprays your tongue with aseptic equipment but after that, you’ll have to look out for any infections that may follow. You can follow these steps for aftercare:

  • Rinse your mouth with sea salt at least twice or thrice daily.
  • Don’t start consuming solid food immediately after your piercing as it’ll be very difficult to chew. Instead, opt for soft food until you get used to your jewelry.
  • After every meal, clean your piercing and ensure that you don’t have any lingering food leftover.
  • Refrain from consuming alcohol or smoking cigarettes as they can affect your immune system. Also, the chemicals of these two vices can considerably harm the healing process.
  • Kissing or having oral sex after a piercing can cause a serious infection so ensure that you refrain from engaging in such activities.

4)   Tongue Piercing Healing Process

Tongue piercings usually take about four to six weeks to heal. Due to the fast healing time, tongue piercings are considered to be easier, when it comes to aftercare. However, remember you’ll need to be really careful about keeping your tongue jewelry in place as even old piercings can close in a few hours if the jewelry is removed.


Due to the location of this piercing in your mouth, there are many stigmas encircling tongue piercings. Just make sure you’re well-acquainted with all the above points to ensure a good piercing experience!