With the holiday season right around the corner, you’re probably searching for ways to change your appearance. As great as changing your hair color or getting a new tattoo is, nothing beats getting a new piercing. If you’re bored with the same old basic piercings, there are always new ones that you can try.

Here are some great piercings to get this holiday season.

1. Rook Piercing

The rook piercing is one of the best cartilage piercings you can get. Located in the upper part of the inner ear, this piercing has truly become a favorite for most. Some people might consider the rook to be a little painful to pierce, but this piercing is truly worth it as it takes up the spotlight. You also have a variety of jewelry options for this piercing type, with hoops and bars being the most popular ones.

2. Orbital Piercings

Looking to add a new twist to your piercings? Orbital piercings are the way to go! This piercing includes a ring that is used to connect two existing ear piercings or holes. This piercing is extremely versatile as it can make your piercing look delicate or the total opposite, depending on the jewelry choice and placement.

Orbital piercings are also highly customizable as they even allow you to add multiple rings in one hole. However, the only catch is that if you have two old piercings, their piercing angles need to be perfectly aligned to qualify for an orbital piercing. Otherwise, you will have to get new piercings.

3. Hanging Piercings

Tired of rings and dainty jewelry? Looking to add more flair to your piercing this holiday season? Hanging piercings are the best choice for you! Let’s face it, due to their placement, not all piercings allow you to adorn heavy hanging jewelry. So, instead of opting for a simple piercing this holiday season, opt for piercings that allow you to adorn dangling jewelry.

Hanging jewelry adds some movement and a sense of texture to your ear, breathing some much-needed life into it. A conch piercing with a hanging chain or a dangly stone strip can be a great choice to become the center of attention.

4. Curated Ears

Are you searching for something even fancier than hanging piercings? We have got a great option for you – curated ears! There has been an upward surge in the number of people getting curated ears. It basically includes multiple piercings with varying placements on the ear that are adorned with a variety of jewelry styles.

This means that you can get an upper lobe, outer or inner conch, tragus or anti-tragus, daith, helix, industrial, or any other ear piercing and adorn them with barbells, dainty pins, rings, hoops, etc.

The holiday season calls for a little change. Whether you’re planning to visit your family or are going to video call your friends, you want to show off the amazing new change you’ve made to your appearance – a piercing! Whether you’re getting a piercing for the first time or if it is your umpteenth piercing, don’t be shy; choose any one of these piercings to get this holiday season!