With summer here and the world getting back to some normalcy, you’re probably planning to do more than just lounge around in your sweatpants all day long. If you’re planning to visit a nearby beach with all planned precautions, it would hurt to sport a bikini and show off your new piercings.

The re-emergence into society is probably driving you to get a new haircut, maybe a few tattoos, and some great piercings. We believe there’s no better way to dive into your rediscovered social life than with a cool new piercing.

That being said, here are a few 2021 summer piercing trends that you should try out.

1. Stacked Lobe Piercings

Stacked lobes are one of the most attractive pierced looks this summer. Earlobe piercings are perhaps one of the most loved piercings due to their incredible versatility. Stacked lobe piercings most certainly allow you to make the best of lobe piercings. You can either stick to a simple row of lobe piercings or choose to extend the row to some cartilage piercings along the rim. Many people also choose to arrange their lobe piercings in different shapes and designs to make a strong statement by creating a unique and fun look.

2. The Auricle Piercing

Although multiple ear piercings and navel piercings are a hit of the summer season, one cartilage piercing may stand above the rest – the auricle piercing. Located between the upper helix and lobe piercing, an auricle piercing acts as a bridge between the two. Not only is an auricle piercing the best way to stack your lobe and cartilage piercings, but it also looks great on it own. Auricle piercings can also be adorned with a variety of jewelry styles, making them incredibly versatile.

3. Multiple Cartilage Piercings

Multiple cartilage piercings are all the hype this summer mainly because of two reasons. Firstly, people are in search of bold new looks that make statements. Secondly, with masks being a huge part of the new normal, nose piercings and oral piercings are generally off-limits. Your cartilage offers an abundant canvas to experiment and create some beautiful looks and designs. Make sure to take your time to find a look that uniquely you. Another option is to jump on the 2021 bandwagon and opt for hoops stacked on the rim of your ear. You can mix up various hoop styles for a unique look or opt for classic seamless rings for a minimalist aesthetic.

Wrapping Up

Summer is always a great time to show off your piercings. However, if you want to flaunt your piercings in a certain season, it is preferable to get them a few months prior, so that they have enough time to heal.

If you’re just planning to spend your summer reading magazines or books by the pool and just chilling, then getting a piercing won’t be a problem. If you’re, however, planning to swim a lot, then a piercing might not be the best idea for you right now.

That being said, if you do decide to get a piercing to show off, make sure to consider the 2021 summer piercing trends we’ve picked!