The eyebrow piercing is a surface piercing that is typically done vertically but in some variations it can also be done horizontal. The eyebrow is considered a surface piercing and making sure that the piercing is done right is only half the battle, you also have to make sure that the jewelry inserted after the piercing is done is high quality jewelry as surface piercings tend to reject. The number one reason for rejection is allergic reactions to the jewelry, or the placement of the piercing is incorrect.

The eyebrow is typically pierced with a 16 gauge needle. The piercing can be done with or without the clamps. The healing process for the eyebrow can take about 6-8 weeks if taken care of properly, you shouldn’t have any issues.

To avoid rejection or migration of the jewelry after the piercing you should do some research on which type of jewelry you should get. A lot of people have a metal allergy and cannot use surgical steel. If you are someone that is allergic to surgical steel you should try solid gold or solid titanium. Solid titanium is one of the best metals to use as most people do not have a allergic reaction to it at all. You can’t go wrong with solid gold either; it’s very rare that people have issues with the jewelry rejection or migration when using solid gold or solid titanium.

After you choose what type of metal you are going to use for your jewelry you can now choose the style of jewelry. Some people use captive bead rings, straight barbells, or curved barbells. Depending on the piercer, the piercing can usually be done with a curved barbell or captive bead ring.