Summer time is upon us so that means it’s time to start planning vacations, making time to spend with friends and family, and most of all take a trip to the beach. Whether you find yourself at the beach or pool this summer, don’t forget your body jewelry accessories.


For those that have body piercings, a nice new belly ring is always a great way to accessorize this summer. You can add a fun and funky style to your look this summer with the right belly ring. Check out our selection of belly rings for your perfect summer accessory. There’s a huge selection of belly rings from, logo belly rings, to dangle and jeweled belly rings.


A belly piercing can be painful, or you just may not be old enough to get a navel ring but if you are looking for a non-painful and non-piercing way to accessorize on the beach or at the pool this summer you should try a belly chain. These sexy belly chains have the appeal of a belly ring without the requirement of a piercing. Adorn your waist this summer with a nice belly chain from We have a variety of belly chains from playboy exclusives to flowers, stars, and butterflies and much more there’s something for everyone’s style!


Don’t forget your toes! This summer don’t forget to pick up a nice toe ring to go along with your beautiful belly chain. There’s nothing like a cute toe ring to accentuate your feet while laying out in the sand on the beach, or just hanging out with friends in a cute pair of open toe shoes. Whatever you do this summer stop by and pick up some summer accessories! Have an awesome summer!