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Steph Simpson

When it comes to body piercing, for many people, it is the jewelry itself that they really admire and tend to spend so much time on selecting. Whilst some people are happy with a basic silver stud, most people nowadays prefer slightly more ‘bling’ for their buck, and as a result, opt for bright, vibrant, decadent, and slightly more unusual jewelry for their piercings. For body piercings for example, whereas in the past, silver, and stainless surgical steel were considered the norm, nowadays it is gold jewelry which is more common and more popular, specifically, 14kt gold jewelry. But what exactly is it about 14kt gold jewelry that people can’t get enough of, other than the fact of course, that gold is considered the most precious metal in the entire world? Well, to help get to the bottom of this, and to help convince you that 14kt gold jewelry may be your best option for your next piercing, here’s a look at a few of the main benefits associated with 14kt gold jewelry.

It’s much safer – Whilst this may seem a little far-fetched to some of you, the simple fact of the matter is that gold jewelry is considered beneficial for your health, as it is considered far less dangerous than other metals, such as aluminium or copper. Both of those aforementioned metals have, in the past, and still are in fact, used to make some forms of body piercing jewelry, and both of which have been found to contribute towards an increased risk of allergic reaction, as well as other more serious health conditions. Aluminium for example, has been linked with dementia and other degenerative diseases. Gold however, is considered far less likely to lead to allergic reactions, infections, and other more serious health conditions, and for that reason, is considered the far safer bet for when it comes to your body jewelry.

It looks great – Let’s face it, one of the main reasons why we find ourselves drawn to gold jewelry and gold in general, is the fact that the gold itself is so sparkly and shiny, and it looks so incredibly attractive. When it comes to body jewelry, this is even more apparent. Silver and more common forms of metal jewelry, often become worn and faded overtime, going from shiny and sparkly, to dull, faded, and lifeless. Gold jewelry however, stays as bright, vibrant, and as sparkly and eye-catching, as ever before, and it is considered one of the most attractive metals in the entire world. All golds are renowned for how well they clean up and polish up, but it is 14kt gold in particular, that is considered even more attractive than regular 9k gold, which is just another reason why you may wish to invest in some for your next piercing.

It’s a great investment – Whilst you may not realize it, when you purchase any form of gold, you are making an investment which is almost certainly only going to increase in value as time goes by. No matter how small your gold jewelry may be, as it is 14kt gold, it will still be worth a great deal of money and it will still hold onto its value, or even increase in value, into the near future. If you were to buy a stainless steel body piercing, once you grew tired of it, you would basically throw it in the trash and buy something new, as selling it would be pointless. If you ever get tired of your 14k gold jewelry however, rather than throwing it in the trash, if you hold onto it and wait for gold prices to increase, or even if you sell it there and then, you will still make a decent amount of money on it, which is one of the main reasons why gold is considered one of the safest and most sound investments that any person can make, no matter how big or small it may be.

There is so much choice – Finally, the last reason why 14kt gold jewelry is considered so popular is the fact that there is so much choice to choose from. In the past, your body jewelry options were limited to either: studs, or, rings. Nowadays however, there are all sorts of different types of jewelry on offer, in a variety of different sizes, shapes, patterns, designs, and accompanied by a number of sparkly jewels which are designed to enhance the overall appearance. Whether you want a stud, a ring, a skull, a feather, an arrow, a heart, or anything else, as 14kt gold jewelry is now so popular, you can guarantee that you will easily be able to find exactly what you’re looking for, and much more besides.