Finishing Touch : Different Finishes to Body Jewelry for High Impact


Finishing Touch : Different Finishes to Body Jewelry for High Impact


Design, dangles, gems and structure is the obvious differences in what makes certain body jewelry pop…and well, others…not so much. We’re honing in on this article on the much more subtle yet the hottest new criteria for body jewelry as we observe body jewelry designers using texture for high impact.


In this article, we’ll review some of the newest finishes for body jewelry that are making headlines with us. From the subtly subdued to the bold splatter finished pieces that resemble 90’s graffiti art, various finishes give body jewelry a whole new level of appeal.


Like @breecore mixing up body jewelry to build up to a colorful and rich style is breeze with finishes and textures



During Art Basel 2015, music video debuts and many other areas of cool, we saw everything from luxury cars to nail and makeup colors being dipped over in a matte coating. Matte gives high contrast, bold colors a chance to be worn in a different kind of way for a much more subtle and wearable approach. Some of the most fresh mattes are gold, silver, black and shades of gray. Matte Gold is one of our favorite bolds to get a make under. The subtle texture that can be combined with a matte finish, gives it a really beautiful combined effect.


Vintage Finish/Vintage Brushed Metal


Vintage and vintage brushed metal finishes are the perfect solution to taking advantage of these beautiful finishes without having to go dumpster diving at flea markets and antique shows. Vintage finish is usually achieved on brass, however that is not an absolute. Vintage brushed metal finish has more of the texture of being brushed on (as the name would imply) and gives body jewelry even more character. These are great for ear plugs and any other body jewelry that would increase in style with age, giving it a modern but rustic look.


Pastel shades of makeup and hair contrast amazingly with Matte Black. Here we have amabassador
@carmiladrakul sporting pastels.

Enamel Finished


Enamel finished jewelry is so unique in that body jewelry previously condemned to a life of plain metals, such as your typical surgical style jewelry, can now be used to layer on colors and texture via enamel finish. Think free form zebra stripes over your next captive circular, giving you the extra oomph to really get creative with some of the most sought after staples in body jewelry.


Splatter Finished


Talk about bold. Remember the bright colors and inherent fun, wild nature of 90’s style? Think of Will Smith’s character on Fresh Prince of Bel Air. The new body jewelry sporting a splatter finish looks something like wet paint of various shades, including metallic colors. This Splatter Finish really gives body jewelry designers the flexibility to play and let in some wild colors and patterns onto metals that previously were doomed to a life of single color. Make a splash and add some funk to your style with these new, artistic expressions via body – we have the newest of the new when it comes to body jewelry.

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